Is hypnosis against my religion or in any way


No!  Hypnosis is a natural part of the human experience, and, because of that fact, it fits very well into everyone's religious or spiritual belief system.

Every single person has had the experience of slipping into and out of hypnosis.  Have you ever been driving a familiar route only to find that you have safely gotten yourself to your destination but you don't remember the journey?  That is called "highway hypnosis," and it happens to all of us.  

Have you ever come home from work and laid down on the couch to watch some television and, even though it only felt like minutes, your night has somehow just gotten away from you?  That is also hypnosis.  

We all naturally slip into hypnotic states several times every day.  Why not use these naturally occurring events to improve your life for the better?

Before consulting with a hypnotist, a lot of people have some very natural and understandable concerns.  This page addresses the most common of those concerns.  If you have another that has not been addressed here, please contact me directly, and we can discuss your individual situation.

Does hypnosis take away my free will? (A.K.A. Will I

cluck like a chicken?)

Absolutely not!  In fact, the opposite is actually true.  Hypnosis helps you to regain control over your life by working with your subconscious to ensure that the suggestions that are influencing you are the ones that you choose.  

Every day, we experience other people attempting to subtly influence us for their own purposes--family members who want us to do (or not to do) something, television commercials that want us to buy their product over a competitors' product, billboards, politicians.  You name it.  The list goes on.  

The simple truth is that, in today's fast-paced, hyper-connected world, you cannot avoid being influenced.  Therefore, you might as well be in control of the messages that influence your behavior.  That is where a qualified hypnotist comes in.  He or she puts you back in the driver's seat of your own life.

How much does it cost?

My hourly rate is $100 an hour or $125 for any 90 minute session.  However, I also offer general bulk packages that save clients money when they buy hours in advance.  (All bulk packages must be paid in full upfront.)

  • 4 hours costs $300
  • ​8 hours costs $500
  • 12 hours costs $700

I also offer a sliding scale of a $50 per session for college students (with valid ID).

For the price of specialized packages (including smoking cessation, weight loss, or IBS), check out my list of services here.

For all missed appointments or cancellations (without 24 hours notice), I reserve the right to charge a $50 cancellation fee.

My personal philosophy on client-focused hypnosis is that every client should have a realistic expectation regarding the probable end date of their hypnosis sessions for any one goal.  I will do my level best to ensure that you know when that expectation can realistically be met, depending on your own unique set of circumstances.

How long does Hypnosis take?

According To the August 2006 issue of American Health Magazine, hypnosis is extremely effective in a relatively short amount of time (when compared to Psychoanalysis and Behavior therapy).  Their findings were that:

  • ​Psychoanalysis is 38% effective at helping a patient to recover after 600 sessions.
  • Behavior therapy is 72% effective at helping patients to recover after 22 sessions.
  • But, and here's the best part, hypnosis is 93% effective at helping people to achieve their goals after only 6 sessions.