Regular Hourly Rate

$100 for 60 minute sessions  | $120 for 90 minute sessions  

 $50 for college students with a valid ID

Package of 4 hours: $300

Package of 8 hours $500

​Package of 12 hours $700

A package of four sessions is recommended for most issues, although sometimes additional sessions may be necessary.

Transpersonal Hypnosis: $125 

90-minute session: past life regression, deep transformational work (Esdaile State).  See my Transpersonal Hypnosis page for more details.

Weight Management Program: $350

​(5 sessions total)

Weight management is not just about food. Environmental cues and triggers, core beliefs about yourself, the attitudes of loved ones, and emotional associations with food are all very important. I take a holistic approach to weight management and address it on a number of different levels.  Clients may or may not be overweight, but all are struggling with their relationship to food in some way.  If you have a diagnosed eating disorder, I am happy to work with you as long as you are simultaneously under the care of a licensed health professional (clinical psychologist, physician, social worker, psychiatrist etc.).    

While most hypnotists only deal with helping clients trim down, I also help clients gain weight by building lean, healthy muscle.  (This service is good for hard gainers, bodybuilders, athletes, or anyone who wants to break through a plateau at the gym and increase lean muscle mass.  Typically, this client tends to be male … though not always.)

Tabacco Cessation Program: $350

(5 sessions total)

Smokers seek help at varying stages in the process of quitting smoking. Many smokers do NOT want to quit so congratulations if you are even reading this! Perhaps you are just starting to think about quitting, or you may even be ready to quit right now. 

If you are ready or almost ready to quit now, you will have one pre-quit appointment and four subsequent appointments. During the first (pre-quit) session we will talk about your habit, attitudes, motivation, and current life situation to see if you are truly ready to quit. If you are, then we will set a quit date and your next appointment will be after you have successfully quit tobacco for 24 hours. You will have various materials to support you, including mp3 tracks and reading materials that have been proven to help. 

If you are just contemplating quitting but not ready to do it yet, hypnosis can help move you in the right direction. We will look at the benefits of quitting as well as explore reasons for any resistance to quitting. Includes mp3 recordings to download. 

Don't come and see me because your husband or wife wants you to quit - you have to do it because you want to quit!

Older smokers can benefit considerably from quitting smoking. Having smoked for a long time and having survived so far, you might see yourself as being less vulnerable to the harm of smoking, be less concerned about the health effects of smoking, be less confident about being able to quit successfully, or not perceive any health benefits from quitting. Hypnosis can help you get motivated to quit forever! 

Dipping. People who dip rather than smoke tend to have a more difficult time quitting than smokers. While I will support you with hypnosis, I also recommend that you enroll in which is a federally-funded research project to help dippers quit.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: $400

(7 sessions total)

There are​ 7 scheduled visits for this package, and the program that I offer is the standard IBS protocol, which was discovered here, in Chapel Hill.  So, rather than re-invent the wheel, here is what the standard material regarding using hypnosis for IBS states:  

During the first visit, I will interview you about your medical and psychological history, discussion of the nature and severity of the current symptoms, as well as review the past treatments and conclusions of any medical evaluation and tests to make sure that our work together is in line with what your doctors have been doing for you. I typically want to make sure that the client has been well-evaluated medically and that a firm diagnosis of IBS has already been made.  I also use this first visit to establish rapport, educate the client about IBS (as needed), and teach the client some basic hypnosis. I make every effort to give the client a realistic expectation of the possible gains. I explain that the program offered is not a cure for IBS and that not everybody improves, but the research as well as my own experience indicate that about 4 out of every 5 people benefit from the treatment. 

The second visit is generally scheduled at least 2 weeks after the first one to allow a 2-week symptom baseline. I strongly emphasize to the client the benefits of recording the bowel symptoms daily in the interval between the first and second visits and to bring the symptom record to the second visit.

The scripted course is initiated in the second visit and is optimally conducted approximately biweekly until the entire seven-session sequence is completed. I try to avoid an interval longer than 3 weeks if at all possible, especially in the first half of the treatment course. 

At the end of the second treatment session, clients receive the hypnosis audio recording for home use. The home practice is an integral part of the treatment, and I strongly emphasize the importance of it with clients. If people report having a hard time using the audio recording daily, I ask them to do their best to use it at least five times a week. Compliance with home practice is generally good. The audiotaped home exercise contains a self-hypnosis type of induction to aid clients in eventually switching to self-hypnosis home practice once they are very familiar with the recorded hypnosis exercise, and I invite them to do so. However, many prefer to continue their home hypnosis practice with the aid of the audio recording throughout the treatment course.

In the sixth treatment visit, I ask clients to again start recording their bowel symptoms on the standard diary forms and to bring them to the last session. I generally graph this information after the last hypnosis session and show the client the comparison of their current and pretreatment symptom levels. This is a good way for clients to get an objective picture of their own therapeutic gains and also creates a summary of changes to keep in the client's file.

Once the seven-session sequence is completed (which typically takes about 3 months), the program course is finished and no further work for IBS is generally required. 

Single 2-hour session for stress-busting and confidence boosting: $150

If you are nervous about an upcoming event e.g. making a big speech, getting married, performing a solo, defending a dissertation etc. learn a variety of techniques to reduce stress, boost self-confidence, and make your big day a success!


If requesting a refund on a partially used program, price reverts to the regular hourly rate ($100) e.g. if you have used 2 sessions of a 4-session program that cost $300, you have received a $200 value and will receive a $100 refund.