beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, and values.  Ultimately, by getting beyond the ego, most clients understand their true selves better, having a greater sense of purpose and calm after transpersonal hypnosis.

Unlike the other services I offer, transpersonal hypnosis can be a one time event or on-going relationship, depending on the needs of the client.  I do not offer specific packages for this type of hypnosis, though you are certainly free to buy any of the bulk hourly rate packages to keep cost down.

By accessing these "higher" states of consciousness, the client is able to bypass many stumbling blocks that have held him or her back in the past.  The journey we (hypnotist and client) go on helps us access useful information that is not normally available via the five senses.  Some people experience direct revelation of universal truths.  Others get what would qualify as "psychic" or intuitive hits on problems that have weighed heavy on their hearts.  The results of the experience are as unique as we are.   Clients often leave a transpersonal hypnosis session having a better understanding of their 

Whether you are talking past-life regression, working in the Esdaile State, working with the inner healer or your own internal family, or you want to branch out into transformative metaphysical work, you are talking about engaging in transpersonal hypnosis.  This type of hypnosis goes beyond giving the client suggestions in order to achieve a specific goal.  It attempts to access the client's higher consciousness, intuition, and inner wisdom to bring about lasting change in the client's life.

​Past-Life Regression is a wonderful tool for helping people reach a comfortable peace and rapid progress with long-standing problems, issues, or concerns that have no apparent foundation in the remembered life experiences of this lifetime.  Whether you believe in past lives or not is irrelevant to the success that comes with past-life regression.  Nobody is really sure why this protocol works despite belief (or lack of belief) in the process, and yet it does.

In the Esdaile State, the client enters a very deep state of relaxation and communicates using finger signals.  The finger signals answer yes/no questions and most of the work goes on within the client's head.  These deep hypnotic states are often described by the client as euphoric.  ​​

The word "transpersonal" is used to describe the intersection between mind, body, and spirit.  Transpersonal hypnosis embraces the holistic concept that we can transcend our mundane consciousness (or ego mind) and operate from our higher self in order to achieve lasting results that are in alignment with our life's purpose.

​Have you ever heard the concept that we are spirits having a human experience?  That concept is at the very heart of transpersonal hypnosis.  When you engage a consulting hypnotist to help you with transpersonal work, you are attempting to live your life from the soul (or spirit) perspective instead of the ego perspective.  Basically, you're putting your soul in the driver seat of your life and operating from your own unique truth.

What is Transpersonal Hypnosis?